1) After clicking buy on the screen, you will see edit in the upper left corner of the screen that opens. (attention: it is on the left side of the Ethereum Mainnet text in the upper left) Click on edit

2) Then you will see the amount box on the screen that will open. In this box, you will enter an amount of Ethereum between $100 – $5000. After entering the amount, click the next button at the bottom right.

3) After this, a tab will open for you to confirm the payment. You can complete the payment by clicking the confirm button at the bottom right. (GAIN purchased within minutes after you make the payment are transferred to your account.)

After scanning the barcode on the screen through the camera on your phone, you will be directed to the payment screen. Again, after you enter a value between 100 – 5000 dollars and complete the payment, the GAINs you have purchased will be sent to you within minutes.

Attention: This method can also be applied through other wallet applications (Trust Wallet, Myetherwallet etc.)

Copy the address on the screen (0x314368254AA42513BAA5e1C6bc4c8B35b1d7826d), paste it into the address to be sent on the payment screen in your wallet and enter the value for the amount of ether you want to send and complete the transaction

1) Make sure you copied the address correctly.

2) The minimum payment is $ 100. the upper limit is $ 5000. You not to exceed these limits.

If you have any questions, feel free to message us via our Telegram groups or to support@gainchain.org.

Address to pay: 0x314368254AA42513BAA5e1C6bc4c8B35b1d7826d

Soft Cap: 70 ETH
Hard Cap: 140 ETH

1 GAIN = 1$



%100 Bonus
Round 1

18 February – 28 February


%50 Bonus
Round 2

1 March – 15 March


%25 Bonus
Round 3

16 March – 31 March

Active NOW